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Trevin hits the score with brilliant performance for Austin Aztex
Published on April 27, 2015

Trevin Caesar, the national player from Trinidad and Tobago who proudly defends the jersey colors of this country, is back from his vacation time. And he surely seems to not enjoy wasting any of his working time. 


The 26 year-old player who previously played for San Antonio Scorpions and became champion with his team on the 2014 NASL title, has now acquired a new home. After several talks between Trevin's agency Soccer Sport Network and his last and now "current" team, the decision was finally placed. Trevin's rights now belong to Austin Texas team that, recently debuted with USL. Nonethless, Trevin Caesar already had a few appearances with his team and one of them already led to a beautiful goal. Trevin has lots to say about his new experience and also his new teammates:


Trevin: I'm happy to be back in the US and also to, have the chance to play for one of the newest and most promising teams in the USL. It's a new league for me but my teammates showed me a lot of support and have received me in such a way I could not even notice they're new to me. Thank You all from Austin TX for the warm welcome and thanks to my agency Soccer Sport Network to make this happen.

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